In a world within our own…

Where shadows reign and demons lurk…

An elite group of men and women will protect the earth from evil*

They are the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch

The Demon Hunters

Demon Hunters: Tales of the Omega is a meta-campaign set within the world of Demon Hunters, created by Dead Gentleman Productions (you know, the people behind The Gamers, The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising and Journey Quest). Tales of the Omega chronicles a series of short campaigns, (accidentally) linked through shared characters and internal in-jokes.

*Actual duties may vary. Saving the world restricted to Theta chapters and above. Omega level recruit activities confined to minimum threat areas+, Warehouse logistics$ and research departments.

+Chance of death remains high. Due to budgetary constraints armour, medical equipment and combat training may not be available prior to active deployment.

$Joining bonuses available for those with experience within the hospitality and delivery sector. Clean driving license preferred but not essential, company vehicle available in select circumstances.

Demon Hunters: Tales of the Omega

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