Demon Hunters: Tales of the Omega

Emzy's Fresher One Off 2012

Steve the Pirate (Psi 15), Steve the Pirate (Future, Chapter unknown), Shrub (Phi 7), Alex (Psi 15), Raven Obsidian D’Eath (Omega 15) and Dr James Hutchinson (Psi 12) all receive a communique from Macready. They meet at a door in the Infinite Warehouse. There is some confusion as there are two Steves, but in the spirit of teamwork the party decides to work together (though the Steve the Younger is worried that he doesn’t appear to have aged well). THey have been designated as a temporary task force whilst the rest of their respective parties are dead, hospitalised or undergoing extreme counselling. They are to investigate some rumours of people in an abandoned warehouse.

Having read the note left by Macready on the door, and used the keycard on the door, the party exit the Warehouse into downtown LA. They find the car they were promised, and head to a warehouse complex on the outskirts of the city. Steve the Elder decides to ride on the roof for maximum surveillance.

Arriving at Warehouse 13B, the party are somewhat perplexed as the complex appears to be deserted. Raven opens the door to complete blackness, and the Doctor fails to find a lightswitch. Steve the Elder and Alex fashion a torch out of a windscreen wiper, a piece of fabric, and two wing-mirrors. Unfortunately for them, as soon as everyone has walked into the dark warehouse the door shuts behind them, and there is a hissing sound before they all fall unconscious.

They awake to find themselves dressed in multi-coloured jumpsuits (Shrub has orange fabric wrapped around his base, Raven is in Yellow), and sitting in what appears to be the bowels of an old and drippy ship. Steve the Younger panics. Shrub notices some cameras in the corners of the ceiling, and tv screens suspended on the walls. Raven tries a door, and when she sees everyone’s clothes and equipment inside, runs to get them. The door clangs shut behind her. The tv flickers into life, and the party see a young, spotty, thin guy in huge black robes. He introduces himself as Steve the Necromancer, and says that Raven has 3 1/2 minutes, and that this is an ‘automatic lock-in’.
Raven grabs at the clothes, not realising that they are on a pressure plate. Steve giggles manically, and says that there are zombies on the way.
Alex instructs Raven on how to use his toolkit to take the bolts of the door from the inside.
Steve the Elder realises that there is a trapdoor in the corner of the room. Steve the Younger finds a ladder leading up to a hatch in the ceiling, and climbs up. Shrub holds on to the Doctor’s back, and they climb as well. Raven escapes the door, as Steve the Elder (aided by Alex) pull a water pipe from the wall, twist it into the shape of an origami swan, and cause a cascade of water into the opening trapdoor. Zombies attempt to get out, but Steve the Elder kicks them back in. Steve and Alex run for the ladder, taking Raven with them. Zombies are flung from the trapdoor as the lift ascends too quickly. The party escapes up the ladder.

They find themselves in a beige corridor. After some discussion, they go through a door that Shrub spotted, and find themselves in a dense jungle. Steve the Elder uses his katana as a spinning blade of plant-death, and cuts a path through the jungle. Part way through, they stop, and a tv screen descends through the foliage. Steve the Necromancer gleefully informs them that there are zombies coming, and lets slip that they are in a reality tv show aimed at the Order of the Infernal Sceptre (he used to use zombies, but they were boring). Alex takes this opportunity to hack into Steve the Necromancer’s Facebook account, Twitter, email and his mother’s Facebook account as well. He starts to post things. Steve the Elder breaks off the tv, and then cuts down some trees with the help of the Doctor and his bone saw. With the help of Steve the Younger and his cutlass, they cut a path through to a clearing.

Alex finds some bowls of insects on a table, and starts eating them. Steve the Younger climbs a tree, and starts swinging about the top of the jungle using some rope. Steve the Necromancer turns on the tannoy, and informs them that they have to eat the bowls of insects, and that they are on “I’m a Demonhunter, get me out of here!”. By this point Alex has already eaten three bowls of bugs. Steve the Necromancer starts getting a bit wound up by this.
Raven and Shrub realise that the table is sat on a pneumatic lift, and start hunting for a control pad. Steve the Necromancer gets very put out that they are not playing the game properly.
A button is pressed, and half the party fall down the sudden hole left by the lift. After a bit of trial and error, the whole party end up in another beige corridor.

Alex gets a Instant message from someone calling themselves El Diablo. They say they have been stuck here for a week, and that they are willing to help the party. They say they know where Steve The Necromancer is, and give directions to a Green Room.

The party head down the corridor, and find the Green Room as promised. They put the kettle on, and Raven, Shrub and the Doctor relax on the couch. Steve the Younger, Elder, and Alex notice another door, and at the end of the short corridor it leads out on, another door that is ajar. Light flickers, as if a tv is on behind it.

(To be finished at a later date…)

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