Player: Tom

Attuned to Tech
Friends in Strange Places – Internet forums
Animate (Zombie)
Eerie Presence
Addiction – caffeine pills


Alex was a typical computer student who loved staying up late playing computer games. He’d just started playing semi-professional MMORPG competitions, and needed a little medicinal help (what with the different time-zones), so he tried popping some new-fangled caffeine pill called MINDBOOST! It kept him awake, got him through the competition, and afterwards he slept the sleep of the dead.

The next morning Alex woke up feeling slightly differnt. When he looked in the mirror of the shared bathroom he noticed his skin looked odd… almost gray in colour. It was at that point he realised he couldn’t feel his heart beating.

Alex had died, and become a zombie.

Now stuck taking MINDBOOST! to keep himself running, Alex dropped out of university and joined up with the Brotherhood, hoping to one day find the mad scientist who had altered the caffeine pills. He is the party’s tech-head, often coming up with equipment (such as ear-buds) to help them in the field. He is also the team’s (reluctant) leader.


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