Anime-style Princess type, Pyromancer


5’ 6", long hair, often dressed as an anime-princess character.


Impulsive, animated, naive, excitable, foolhardy, loyal, impetuous… these are all words that can describe Blayze. A pyromancer (and pyromaniac) from a young age, her parents had brought her on a trip from Japan to the Emperor’s Court in China when she was 16. There she foiled an assassination plot by his Grand Vizier, unfortunately setting fire to the Imperial Palace as a by-product.

The Emperor was not ungrateful, but her embarrassed parents sent her to America to grow up a little. Blayze was recruited by the Brotherhood, joining Omega 15 determined to Do Good. Her unfortunate tendency to make things explode has hindered this wish on occasion. Blayze has both Fire and Illusion magical abilities, leading her to create a one-two combination of spells that can leave even the most battle-worthy opponents wondering what happened to them. First, the ‘Ha, You Think You’re On Fire, Stupid’ spell; it casts an illusion of fire on a target, causing them to pause momentarily upon seeing themselves wreathed in flames. When they realise that the fire is fake and move to attack again, the ‘Ha, Now You’re Actually on Fire, Dumbass’ spell deals damage before they can work out they’re in danger of pain. Lots of pain. Blayze also has Mad Skillz in Feng Shui; this ability has been both helpful and detrimental to the party. Spurred on by her success in making someone’s head explode by re-arranging some furniture, Blayze attempted to combat The Exponential Chicken Incident in the same way; this led to disaster.

Blayze also possesses her own theme song and transformation sequence.

After leaving Omega 15 to attend university, Blayze was instrumental in starting up a group of 5 anime superheroes, all element themed (except for one, and he didn’t really count anyway).

Additional character image (below) by Mike (@KorvarTheFox)


Demon Hunters: Tales of the Omega LadyMayhem