Note for Emzy: I got rid of the mad skillz feng shui as I wanted to make the transformation sequence an actual asset and to focus her skills on the spell casting. I’m not too sure about the skills at the moment, would welcome your thoughts on them.

Assets (4pts)
Initiate of the mystic arts (d2)
Transformation sequence (d6) – Once per combat. If you take 3 or more wounds you may transform into your super secret hero alter ego ‘Blayze’. This takes 3 rounds, during which enemies may not take any actions. Allies may take any action that does not affect enemies, interacting with enemies in any way breaks the effect.
Explosive plausibility (d4)
Immune (magical fire) (d4)

Total: 16

Pyro (d8)
Fickle (d4)

Total: 12

Attributes (54, 8pts avg with one at d6)

Agility – d10
Strength – d8
Vitality – d6
Altertness – d8
Intelligence – d8
Willpower – d6
Charisma – d8

Skills (68pts)

Athletics – d6, dodge d10, running d8
Covert – d6
Discipline – d4
Mystic arts – d6, attack d10, illusion d10, conjuration d8 (total 16)
Perception – d6, sight d8
Unarmed combat – d6
Influence – d6, persuasion d8
Knowledge d6, bureaucracy d8

Running total: 68

Spells (x 5)

Ha, You Think You’re On Fire, Stupid
Ha, Now You’re Actually on Fire, Dumbass
Goodness gracious great balls of fire
Flaming hand of fiery doom (unarmed attack)
Great wall of fire



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