Doyl Levett

Quick talking master barista


Major Assets

Mad skillz – Craft – Doyl could have been a modern day MacGuyver, he has an unnatural ability to construct and craft items which quite simply should not be possible. Unfortunately for the world of espionage he flunked out of school and took a job at the local Cobblers Crystal cafe. These days his creations tend towards a… caffeinated nature, with a specialism in potions and the occasional explosive mix.

Personal dimensional pocket – In order to create his coffees in the field Doyl has acquired a small personal dimensional pocket, accessible through the battered canvas satchel he carries around with him. Within it he stores flasks of freshly brewed coffee, takeaway cups, mixers and toppings, all kept in pristine condition by the time twisting effects of the dimensional pocket.

Fades out – If not for his unconventionial barista abilities Doyl is actually relatively normal. So normal in fact, that he tends to just fade into the background, ignored until he draws attention to himself. Sure it’s useful at times but it has its downside as well, he went through the majority of basic training with the Brotherhood before anybody realised he wasn’t actually a new recruit.

Major complications

Fear of the dark – Doyl spent almost a week trapped in the Warehouse after accidentally stumbling through a Door. During that time he was chased by many of the supernatural creatures which inhabit the Warehouse and is now terrified of being alone in the dark as he is convinced that something will once again leap out of the shadows at him.

Addiction – Given the amount of coffee he is constantly drinking it is no surprise that Doyl has a heavyweight addiction to caffeine, suffering from irritability, the shakes and personality changes if deprived of it for more than a couple of hours.

Klutz – Bull in a china shop, walking disaster zone, two left feet. Doyl is each of these and more, which is a particularly special problem when attempting anything resembling stealth.


Doyl Levett was an accidental and reluctant recruit into the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch. As the head barista at a Californian branch of the Cobblers Crystals coffee chain Doyl stumbled upon the Warehouse after he discovered a group of individuals were regularly sneaking into the store room of his shop. Believing the group were stealing from the store he took it upon himself to catch them in the act, unaware the group was actually stepping through a Door. After following them through one evening Doyl found himself trapped in the Warehouse and in his shock managed to lose track of the Chapter he had been tailing.

Over the course of the following week the naive barista learned to survive, raiding the shelves for food and equipment while doing his best to evade the many threats within the Warehouse. During the events of Beneath A Steel Sky Doyl was briefly rescued by Chapter Omega 15, led at the time by Stevie Nobotch. However after joining the group he was once again accidentally abandoned when the group forgot to check he had stepped through a Door before they closed it behind them.

An unknown amount of time later an exhausted and heavily wounded Doyl stumbled into a Brotherhood distribution centre who assumed he was merely a lost recruit. After completing basic training Doyl was assigned as a supply officer at one of the many Cobblers Crystal cafes which serve as entry points to the Warehouse. During this time he was involved in a confirmed inter-dimensional incident that led to the first defeat of the necromancer Steve Nobotch.

Doyl’s was subsequentially reassigned to the Warehouse as part of Chapter Omega 13 and was present during the uncovering of the corrupted Cipher.

Doyl Levett

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