Assets (4pts)
Initiate of the mystic arts (d2)
Personal Dimensional Pocket (d8) in the form of a satchel
Good natured (d4)
Sharp sense – hearing (d4)

Total: 18

Fear of the dark (d4)
Klutz (d8)
Addiction (d2) – caffeine

Total: 14

Attributes (54 pts, d8 avg with one at d6)

Agility – d6
Strength – d6
Vitality – d6
Altertness – d10
Intelligence – d8
Willpower – d8
Charisma – d10

Skills (68 pts)

Athletics – d4
Covert – d4
Craft – d6, coffee d10 (total 10)
Discipline – d4
Guns – d6
Influence – d6, conversation d8, (total 8)
Knowledge – d4
Mystic arts – d6, grenades d8, medicinal d8, potions d10 (total 14)
Perception – d6, read lips d8 (total 8)
Ranged weapons – d6

Running total: 68

Spells (x 5)

1. Decaf special – Willpower + Mystic arts / grenades. Difficulty 7. (Stun grenade, 3d6 Stun, requires ritual taking 5 minutes to prepare 3 of them which last 30 minutes. Quick cast: 2 rounds to prepare 1, you take 3 stun).
2. Quadruple espresso – Intelligence + Mystic arts / medicinal. Difficulty 7 (Reduces stun by d10), requires ritual taking 5 minutes to prepare 1. No quick cast. A trained medic (medicine d6 or higher) cures basic (stun and wounds) when completing a successful medicine roll with this potion.
3. Belgian hot chocolate – Willpower + Mystic arts / potions. Difficulty 9. Requires ritual taking 1 minute to prepare. Quick cast in 1 round, you take 2 stun. (Lowers willpower of whoever drinks it by 2 steps, however they must first be convinced / forced to drink it).
4. Grande caramel latte – Alertness + Mystic arts / potions. Difficulty 7. Requires ritual taking 2 minutes to prepare. Quick cast 2 rounds, you take 2 stun (Provides 2 step boost to covert when hiding in plain sight).
5. FindAShop – Alertness + Mystic arts. Requires ritual taking 10 minutes and an object belonging to the target. Difficulty 11, 9 if the object is blood / hair from the target. Locates the nearest coffee shop to the target and general information as to how near the shop the target is.

Pistol (d6W)
Satchel (see asset) full of coffee making material



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