Assets (4pts)
Animate (d12) – Includes vulnerable to fire (takes double damage), immune to stun, no wound penalty at half wounds, adds d6 to damage in unarmed combat / pure strength tests, deals basic damage when unarmed, +6 to life points
Mad Skillz (science) (d4)

Total: 16

Phobia (fire) (d4)
Utterly mad (rewrite of movie villain tendencies) (d6)
Addiction – d2

Total: 12

Attributes (54, 8pts avg with one at d6)

Agility – d6
Strength – d6
Vitality – d8
Altertness – d10
Intelligence – d12
Willpower – d8
Charisma – d6

Skills (68pts)

Athletics – d4
Discipline – d6, stubborn d8
Guns – d6, electrorifle d8
Perception – d6, sight d8
Science (mad) – d6, biology (d10), high-energy physics (d10)
Tech – d6, electronics d8, jury-rigging d10
Unarmed combat – d6
Medicine – d4
Mechanics – d4

Running total: 68

Electrorfile (d8W)
Car battery
Portable science kit



Demon Hunters: Tales of the Omega whodo_voodoo