Dr Hendricks

The Mad Dentist


Dr Hendricks joined the Brotherhood under their medical outreach program (Dental program available to Psi chapters and above, ask your mission officer for details) and served for a number of years without incident. Following the official acceptance of werewolves into the Brotherhood he served with the Canine Dentistry Unit, where he became obsessed with taming the werevirus and using it to create a new breed of supersoldiers. After having numerous research proposals rejected by his superiors Dr Hendricks retired from active duty, supposedly to run a small dental clinic in Washington State, USA.

During the events of Beneath A Steel Sky it was discovered that Dr Hendricks had not been lax in his research, managing to create first a pocket laboratory dimension followed by weremageddon and the ROUS, giant were-rats loyal to the now quite Mad doctor. It is believed that his ultimate plan was to create an army of loyal weremageddon soldiers, however he was foiled by the actions of CHAPTER and ultimately killed when Spyder sacrificed himself to destroy the pocket laboratory.

Dr Hendricks

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