Technomage, lightning magic


5’ 5", long dark hair. Likely to be found in a hoody/jeans combo, with a laptop bag over one shoulder.

Alexia grew up in the shadow of her older sister, Blayze. After the Imperial Palace Problem, her parents withdrew from society in shame, leaving Lex to bring herself up. That said, they were always very proud of Blayze’s career in the Brotherhood, and Lex often felt that her parents didn’t notice her. She hid her lightning magic for a long time as she felt it would have been another way of comparing her to her sister. Lex tried to become the very opposite of a mage, throwing herself into the sciences, particularly Computing Science. This had the effect of skewing her natural lightning abilities, and so she became a technomage (though it would take her a while to realise this). When Lex turned 15, she decided she’d had enough of hearing about Blayze’s exploits in America. Around the time that Blayze’s anime-superhero team was taking off, Lex ran away to America and applied for Brotherhood training. She was determined to prove that she was hero material too. Lex is by nature terse and withdrawn. She is disinclined to suffer fools, and prefers to work in the background. She is not fond of skeletons, especially ones dressed as Elvis.


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