Assets (4pts)
Walking armoury (d8) – You have an unlimited access to cutlass’ doing d6W damage
Temporal paradox (d12) – A new you appears when you die. Roll your asset die, if 3 or less this is the final you. Then reduce the size of your die by 1, unless it is already a d4 (d12 → d10 → d8 → d6 → d4)

Total 20

Phobia (water) d6
Forked tongue d6
So damn macho (over confident) d4

Total 16

Agility d10
Strength d12
Vitality d8
Willpower d6
Intelligence d6
Charisma d8
Alertness d4

Skills (68pts)
Melee d6, cutlass d10
Guns d6, grapple gun d8
Unarmed combat d4
Athletics d6, acrobatics d10
Perception d4
Knowledge d6
Watercraft d6
Covert d4
Discipline d4
Influence d4
Medicine d6, first aid d8

Running total: 68

Unlimited cutlasses (see asset)
Laser pistol (d8W, includes micro grappling hook which can carry weight of 2 people)
Dead parrot (stasis locked to prevent decay)



Demon Hunters: Tales of the Omega whodo_voodoo