The Ducks of War

Cry havoc and let slip the ducks of war!


The Ducks of War are an animate force of warrior rubber ducks, brought to life sometime in the 1870’s by the lesser water demon S’ud. Individually weak they find strength in numbers and naturally group into numerous tribes for protection. The three Great Tribes, the Ninjas, Pirates, and Yellows are locked in near constant warfare. It is believed that the Friendly Floatees incident of 1992 was triggered by the loading of rival tribes onto the same ship by mortal authorities unaware of the danger.

A lone Yellow is believed to have reached the Warehouse sometime in the mid 90’s, spreading the animate magic to the stockpiles there. The threat was successfully contained for a number of years, however, ducky warfare erupted in the Warehouse sometime during the events of the Beneath A Steel Sky mission. Survivors of the mission report they were most definitely not in that sector of the Warehouse at the time.

At the time of this report 7 sectors remain off limits to active personnel due to threat of Duck.

The Ducks of War

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