Tim the Telemancer


Telemancers, the ability to observe, manipulate and control electromagnetic visual and auditory signals with magic, is a rare and highly coveted ability. Coveted due to its uses in covert surveillance and espionage, rare as a significant proportion of telemancers tend to lose themselves in the stream, entering comas from which they never return.

Tim was different, a telemancer who found TV boring and most importantly nonaddictive. What he didn’t tell anybody was that he couldn’t keep the frequencies out, not completely. Lines of dialogue broke floated through his dreams, characters would wander through the edges of his vision, gone when he glanced towards them. In the end it drove him Mad and during a stakeout with the rest of his chapter he manifested the lead character of the movie they were watching.

Count Dracula…

Who proceeded to brutally murder two of the chapter members before Tim was able to banish him back into the movie. The damage to Tim’s psyche, however, was done and knowing he would now be marked for death by the Brotherhood he dived into the stream, pulling his lone surviving colleague with him. As what left of his sanity crumbled into pieces he hid within a mental fortress constructed from the shows on air at the time.

It was within this fortress where Tim was released from his torment, killed by a single shot from the rifle of The Sniper during the events of Channel Surfing.

Tim the Telemancer

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